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The difference in the cost of running a domestic appliance can be in the hundreds of pounds over the lifecycle of the product, quickly negating any discount the retailer may offer on the initial purchase price of a product with a poor energy rating.

EU Energy Efficiency Label - How to compare annual running costs

You may have already seen the labels on products and light bulbs which rate them from A to G (up to A++ for fridges). By law, retailers, mail-order companies and manufacturers must display these labels on all new domestic fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers, washing machines, electric tumble dryers, combined washer-dryers, dishwashers and light-bulbs for sale. Labels for different products contain different pieces of information. The purpose of these labels is to allow consumers to easily compare the efficiency of appliances.

Energy Efficiency Recommended
It is worthwhile looking for products where you can see the Energy Efficiency logo. These products have been identified because they are the most energy efficient and will ultimately save you money. This iniative has been introduced by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent, Government funded body, working in partnership with industry.
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